University of Strasbourg

English Name:University of Strasbourg
Region:Western Europe
Found Year:1537
Address:4 rue Blaise Pascal

European by nature and international by design, the University’s strengths and assets stem from its active involvement in virtually every discipline comprising the current body of knowledge.

As a young university founded on an age-old tradition, it strives to attain cross-disciplinarity so that this mixing fosters new research opportunities and produces courses that meet society’s need. The international dimension is fundamental for the University of Strasbourg and thanks to the worldwide reputation of its research teams, built on excellence and efficiency, it emerges among Europe’s foremost research universities. Each of the University’s main academic fields of instruction is based upon research sections that are the driving force of the institution, with over 2,600 professors and staff.

Solidly anchored in the European Higher Education Area, the University of Strasbourg, a beating heart of the Alsatian metropolis with its 42,000 students, has the potential to face the challenging international competition.

Undergraduate Programs
           Administration Public License
           German License – Arts and Cultural Products of German-Speaking Countries
           German License – Preparation School Teaching In Cross-Border and Regional Context
           German License, Distance Learning
           In Languages and Intercultural – Together Central and Eastern Europe
           In Languages and Intercultural – Together East
           In Languages and Intercultural – Together Germanic
           In Languages and Intercultural – Together Mediterranean
           Italian License
           Japanese License
           Licence Russian
           License and Audiovisual Arts – Dance
           License and Audiovisual Arts – Movies
           License and Audiovisual Arts – Theatre
           License Anthropologie – Ethnologie
           License Applied Foreign Languages
           License Arab
           License Art History and Archaeology – Archaeology
           License Art History and Archaeology – Art History
           License Arts – Applied Arts / Design
           License Arts – Visual Arts
           License Canon Law (Domain Social Sciences)
           License Chemistry, Chemical Physics Courses
           License Chemistry, Chemistry Courses – International Canada (Laval)
           License Classics
           License Demographics
           License Earth and Environment – Earth Sciences and Environment
           License Earth and Environment – Earth Sciences and The Universe
           License Economics and Management
           License Economics and Management – Economics Course
           License Economics and Management – Management Course
           License Education Sciences
           License English – Language and Culture
           License English – Preparing For School Teaching In Regional Context and Transtrontalier
           License English – Translation
           License Geography – Term Planning
           License Geography, Geography Course
           License German – French-German Border
           License German – Languages and Cultures of The Germanic Worlds
           License Hebrew
           License History – Strasbourg / Bamberg
           License Humanities – Linguistics
           License Literature, French-German Border
           License Literature, Preparation School Teaching In Cross-Border and Regional Context
           License Mathematics
           License Mathematics – Economics
           License Mathematics Physics Chemistry – Material Sciences
           License Mathematics Physics Chemistry – Preparation For School Teaching
           License Modern Literature
           License Music
           License Persian
           License Physics and Engineering Sciences – Electronic, and Automatic Signal
           License Physics and Engineering Sciences – Engineering
           License Physics and Engineering Sciences – Physics
           License Sociology
           License Sociology – Distance Learning
           License Sociology – Economy
           License Sociology, Mediation and Social Development
           License Staps Sports Management
           License Staps, Adapted Physical Activities and Health
           License Staps, Education and Traction
           License Staps, Training
           Mathematics and Physics License Thematic Depth
           Philosophy License License Chemistry, Chemistry Courses – International Canada (Laval)
           Psychology License
           Spanish License
           Turkish License
           Turkish License License Information
Master’s Degree Programs
           Catholic Theology Master
           Core Management Master Management Master 1
           European Master Rights – Comparative Law
           International Relations and Language – International Intelligence Management
           Languages and Intercultural Master – Linguistics, Computers, Translation
           Languages and Intercultural Master – Multilingualism and European Interculturality
           Languages and Intercultural Master – Training Multilingual Trinational – Professional
           Master Analysis and Economic Policy – Macroeconomics and European Policies
           Master Analysis and Economic Policy, Economics and Innovation Management
           Master Ancient History
           Master Ancient History: Tri Bilingual Option
           Master and Economic Policy Analysis Statistics and Econometrics
           Master Anthropology and Ethnology – Intangible Heritage and Collections
           Master Anthropology and Ethnology – Social and Cultural Anthropology
           Master Archaeology of Ancient Worlds
           Master Archaeology: Tri Bilingual Courses
           Master Arts – Choreographic Studies
           Master Arts – Classical Philology
           Master Arts – Design Art Projects, Live Entertainment
           Master Arts – Film Studies
           Master Arts – Theatre Studies
           Master Biology and Chemistry – Analytical Aspects: Application To Bio-Industries
           Master Business Administration & Social (Aes)-Management & Right of The Digital Economy-Electronic Commerce
           Master Business Law – Banking and Finance: Banking
           Master Business Law – Law of Multimedia and Information Systems
           Master Canon Law
           Master Cellular and Molecular Physiopathology
           Master Chemistry – Chemical and Physical Sciences
           Master Chemistry – Chemoinformatics: Career
           Master Chemistry – Chemoinformatics: Path Search
           Master Chemistry – Green Chemistry: Course Search
           Master Chemistry – Green Chemistry: Pacours Professional
           Master Chemistry and Biology – Applications and Interfaces: Chemistry and Biological Drugs
           Master Chemistry and Biology – Interfaces and Applications: Biomolecules: Structure and Function
           Master Computer – Project Management It Continuing Education
           Master Computer Science – Computer Networking and Embedded Systems
           Master Computer Science – Software Engineering and Knowledge
           Master Computing – Computing and Imaging Science
           Master Demographics
           Master Earth Sciences: Geophysics, Geology and Earth System Dynamics
           Master Eastern Mediterranean and Slavic Studies – Arabic Studies
           Master Eastern Mediterranean and Slavic Studies – Hebrew Studies
           Master Eastern Mediterranean and Slavic Studies – Japanese Studies
           Master Eastern Mediterranean and Slavic Studies – Slavonic Studies
           Master Eastern Mediterranean and Slavic Studies – Studies Iberian and Latin American
           Master Eastern Mediterranean and Slavic Studies – Turkish Studies
           Master Educ.Formation, Communication – Ingénieurie Training Skills: Training, Organization, Integration
           Master Education – Training Plc To Teaching History and Geography
           Master Education and Training, Specialty Engineering Intervention In Socio Educational
           Master Education, Training and Communication – Learning and Mediations
           Master Education, Training and Communication – Science Communication
           Master Education, Training and Communication: Common
           Master Emos – Italian Studies
           Master Emos – World Hispanic Careers In Teaching
           Master Employment Law – Employment Law Intern, European and International
           Master Engineering Sciences – Micro and Nano Electronics
           Master English-Speaking Worlds – Search
           Master Environmental Geography – Earth Observation and Geomatics
           Master Environmental Geography – Geographical Systems and Environments
           Master Epidemiology, Clinical Research, Evaluation
           Master Epistemology and Scientific Mediation
           Master Ethics and Religion
           Master Ethics and Society
           Master European and International Studies – Core Curriculum
           Master European and International Studies – History of International Relations & Integration Region.
           Master European and International Studies – The European World In Globalization: Interdisciplinary Approaches.
           Master European Policies
           Master European Policies – European Policies and Franco-Germanic
           Master European Policies – European Policies and Polish-French Cooperation: Relocated To Krakow
           Master European Policies – European Policies and Public Affairs
           Master European Studies and International – Germany In Europe
           Master Evaluation and Management of Environmental and Occupational Hazards
           Master Fight Against Organized Crime In Its Economic and Financial Dimension
           Master Finance – Actuarial and Risk Management
           Master Finance – Corporate Finance and Capital Markets Practice
           Master Finance – Financial Management of The Bank
           Master Finance – Legal and Financial Management
           Master Finance – Strategy and Corporate Finance In Europe
           Master Foreign Language Teaching and Second
           Master Germanic Worlds – Distance Learning Courses
           Master Germanic Worlds – History of Austria and Transnational Perspectives: Distance Learning
           Master Germanic Worlds – Training For Careers In Teaching and Education
           Master History and Civilization of Europe – History of The Worlds Course Germanic
           Master History and Civilization of Europe – Medieval Studies Interdisciplinary Course
           Master History and Civilization of Europe – Western Europe Route
           Master History of Art and Architecture
           Master History of Religions
           Master History, Archeology, Art History – Plc Training In Teaching History and Geography 2
           Master Human Rights – Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation
           Master Human Rights – National Minorities
           Master Human Rights – Protection of Human Rights
           Master Images, Robotics, Engineering For Life Sciences
           Master Images, Robotics, Engineering For Life Sciences – Imaging of Living, Medical and Surgical Robotics
           Master Images, Robotics, Engineering For Life Sciences – Vision, Automatic, Nanophotonics
           Master In Management – Business Engineering: Continuing Education and Learning Strasbourg
           Master In Management – Entrepreneurship In Smes (Initial and Continuing Education)
           Master In Management – Entrepreneurship In Smes – Learning
           Master In Public Law – Markets and Public Works
           Master In Public Law – Public Law Officer
           Master International Law – Private International Law
           Master International Law – Public International Law
           Master Language Sciences
           Master Language Teaching – Advisor Multilingual Trainer
           Master Language Teaching – Creating Multimedia Languages
           Master Language Teaching – Training Manager Fles
           Master Languages and Intercultural – Creating Multilingual Websites, Content Management, Localization
           Master Law of The European Union – Economic Law and Regulation In Europe
           Master Law of The European Union – European Union Law
           Master Law of The European Union – International and European Affairs
           Master Law of The European Union – Right Health Products
           Master Letters – French Literature, General and Comparative
           Master Letters – Literary Culture In Europe (Erasmus Mundus)
           Master Letters and Civilizations of Antiquity Specialty Sciences (Classics, Ancient History)
           Master Life & Health – Neuroscience: Joint Master In Neuroscience
           Master Life & Health – Neuroscience: Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology
           Master Life & Health – Neuroscience: Neuroscience and Integrated Cellular
           Master Life and Health – Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology – Development and Models of Pathogenesis
           Master Life and Health – Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology – Immunology and Inflammation
           Master Life and Health – Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology – Molecular Biology and Genetics
           Master Life and Health – Biology and Development of Plants: Exploitation of Plant Resources
           Master Life and Health – Biology and Development of Plants: Integrative Plant Biology
           Master Life and Health – Biology and Development of Plants: Plants and Environment
           Master Life and Health – Biology of Microorganisms: Microbiology
           Master Life and Health – Biology of Microorganisms: Virology
           Master Life and Health – Ecophysiology and Ethology
           Master Management – Accounting Control: Auditing Financial and Operational
           Master Management – Accounting, Control: Controlling
           Master Management – Human Resource Management (Initial and Continuing Education)
           Master Management-Marketing – Martketing Management and Listening Market: Learning
           Master Management-Marketing:Martketing and Event Management Paris
           Master Materials – Chemistry of Materials M1
           Master Materials – Engineering Polymers
           Master Materials – M2 Metal Thin Films
           Master Materials – Materials Engineering
           Master Materials, Specialty Materials Engineering (Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructured Systems)
           Master Materials, Specialty Polymer Engineering
           Master Mathematics and Applications – Basic Mathematics
           Master Mathematics and Applications – Scientific Computing and Computer Security
           Master Mathematics and Applications – Statistics
           Master Mathematics and Applications – Trades Education: Aggregation of Mathematics
           Master Mathematics and Applications, Specialty: Pure Mathematics
           Master Mechatronics and Energy: Society and Corporate Trainer
           Master Molecular and Supramolecular
           Master Music – Music and Musicology
           Master Music: Composition and Musical Interpretation
           Master of Archaeology Territory
           Master of Arts Visuels – Multimedia
           Master of Business Administration – Continuing Education Course
           Master of Business Administration – Course Search
           Master of Business Administration – Cross-Border Trail
           Master of Business Administration – Initial Training Course
           Master of Business Law – Lawyer and Works Council
           Master of Business Law – Wealth Management Consulting
           Master of Education Physical Education – Aggregation
           Master of European Union Law – Criminal Law of The European Union
           Master of Intellectual Property Law – European Law and International Intellectual Property
           Master of Intellectual Property Law – Intellectual Property Law and Cultural Heritage
           Master of Intellectual Property Law – Intellectual Property Law and Trade
           Master of Intellectual Property Law – Law and Management of Intellectual Property Law
           Master of International Relations and Language – European Studies and European Project Management
           Master of International Relations and Languages – Eu Cooperation: Developing Countries
           Master of Public Administration – Local and Regional Authorities In Europe: Territorial Administ
           Master of Public Administration – Management of Social Organizations
           Master of Science and Religious Law – European Law of Comparative Religions
           Master of Science and Religious Law – Islamic Studies
           Master of Science Engineering – Industrial Engineering
           Master of Science Engineering – Mechatronics and Energy
           Master of Science Medicine – Analysis of Drug and Food
           Master of Science Medicine – Therapeutic Innovations & Biotechnology
           Master Philosophy – Teaching Philosophy
           Master Physics – Astrophysics
           Master Physics – Subatomic Physics and Astroparticle
           Master Physics and Chemistry – Preparation For Careers In Teaching
           Master Physique – Material Condensée Et Nanophysique
           Master Planning and Development – Design and Conduct Projects
           Master Planning and Development: Projects and Sociology of Development, The Urban, Mediations and Environm.
           Master Political Science – Politics & Cultural Management
           Master Political Science – Social Politics Of
           Master Preparation For Careers In Education – Modern Literature
           Master Private Law – Family Law Internal, Comparative and International
           Master Private Law – Fundamental Private Law
           Master Professional Translation and Interpretation – Introduction To Interpretation
           Master Project Management and Organizations – Management of International Projects
           Master Project Management and Organizations – Production, Logistics, Innovation
           Master Project Management and Organizations – Quality
           Master Protestant Theology and Religious Studies – Protestant Theology: Applied
           Master Protestant Theology and Religious Studies – Protestant Theology: Fundamental
           Master Protestant Theology and Religious Studies – Religious Studies
           Master Psychology – Cognitive Neuropsychology Clinic
           Master Psychology – Developmental Psychology: Evolution, Involution and Disability
           Master Psychology – Psychoanalysis and Psychopathology.
           Master Psychology – Social Psychology, Organization and Work
           Master Public Administration, Local Government & Region In Europe: Local Government & Public Policy Europe
           Master Public Law and Private Law – Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences
           Master Public Law and Private Law – Environmental Law and Risk
           Master Public Law and Private Law – Historical Dimensions In European Law
           Master Public Law and Private Law – Litigation Law
           Master Public Law and Private Law – Notary Law
           Master Public Law and Private Law – Real Estate
           Master Relations Internationales Et Langues – Euroculture
           Master Relations Internationales Et Langues – International Communication
           Master Relations Internationales Et Langues – Relations Internationales
           Master Response Master Health Promotion Intervention In Health Promotion
           Master Rights Europeans – European Law Economic
           Master Sciences The Medicinal – Community Law and Pharmaceutical Regulation
           Master Sciences The Medicinal – Microbiological Quality Assurance Health Products and Food
           Master Sciences The Medicinal – Pharmaceutical Engineering
           Master Sciences The Medicinal – Pharmaceutical Research and Development Fc
           Master Social and Economic Administration (Aes) – Buy International
           Master Social and Economic Administration (Aes) – Management and Right Energy and Sustainable Development
           Master Social and Economic Administration (Aes) Law Economics & Management, Digital Right Digital Economy
           Master Sociology – Social Intervention, Conflict and Development (Form.Initiale)
           Master Sociology: Culture, Conflict, Territories
           Master Sociology: Issues and Development Practices In The South
           Master Staps – Expertise of Aps, Exercise Physiology
           Master Staps – Marketing and Sport Management
           Master Staps – Training, Physical Preparation and Management of Sports
           Master Staps Expertise Aps, Sports and Societies In Europe
           Master Staps Impairments, Adapted Physical Activities and Social Maladjustment
           Master Studies Mediterranean, Oriental and Slavic – Persian Studies
           Master Studies Slavic and Eastern Mediterranean – Neo-Hellenic Studies
           Master Technical and Tertiary Being Professional and Technical
           Master Trades Training In Economics, Social and Management: Economics and Social Sciences Capes
           Master Translation and Interpretation – Audiovisual Translation
           Master Translation and Interpretation – Interpretation Conference
           Master Translation and Interpretation – Literary Translation
           Master Translation and Interpretation – Professional Translation
           Master Visual Arts – Applied Arts, Design, Architecture: Color / Architecture-Space
           Master Visual Arts – Applied Arts, Design, Architecture: Design and Architecture
           Master Visual Arts – Applied Arts, Design, Architecture: Design-Project
           Master Visual Arts – Fine Arts: Criticism, Essays
           Master Visual Arts – Teaching of Applied Arts and Design: Capet of Applied Arts
           Master Visual Arts – Teaching The Visual Arts: Visual Arts Aggregation
           Master Visual Arts – Teaching The Visual Arts: Visual Arts Capes
           Master Visual Arts – Visual Arts
           Master Worlds English – Training For Careers In Teaching and Education
           Masters Economy and Society, Specialty Social Economy (Engineering Projects)
           Master In Silico Drug Design
           Medical Ethics and Bioethics
           Music Master – Careers Education and Music Education: Aggregation
           Physics – Radiation Physics, Sensors, Instrumentation and Imaging
           Professional Master Translation and Interpretation – Interpretation Liaison
           Recreation and Tourism Master Staps People with Disabilities
Doctoral Programs
           Doctoral Public Finance
           Phd Environmental Toxicology
           Phd History of International Relations
           Phd History of Religions